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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Walnut Short Bread Cookies - Sape/Lokumi

This is a perfect little treat that is very easy to make and can be kept in a cookie jar at all times for any surprise visitors. Also a nice treat as a little gift :).

140g butter
70g sugar
70g blended walnuts
170g flour
1 lemon rind
icing sugar
Vanilla sugar

In a bowl add melted butter and gradually add a mixture of flour, blended walnuts, lemon rind and sugar. Mix everything well with a wooden spoon and then knead the mixture until you get a smooth consistency. Roll the dough to about 0.5cm thickness and cut out into the desired shapes. Place on a tray brushed with oil and bake on 180C for about 15 minutes.

After the cookies have cooled cover them with icing sugar mixed with Vanilla sugar or Cinnamon if preferred. Enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee.

Happy Baking :)

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