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Saturday, January 22, 2011


My absolute favourite cake - this delicious dessert is sweet and soft with the sugary syrup oozing through with every bite.


1/2L water
1 small cup of sugar
1 small cup of vegetable oil
1 small cup of milk
10 tablespoons of flour
1 sachet of baking powder
4 eggs (lightly beaten)

Combine water, sugar, oil and milk and bring to the boil. Add flour spoon by spoon so that no lumps form. Add baking powder and mix really well, the mass will be sticky and thick, the mixing will require a bit of muscle power. Leave to cool.

Transfer the mass from a saucepan into a large mixing bowl, add the eggs and mix really well with a mixer. In a large saucepan pour 1/2L of oil and let it warm up, you should be frying the tulumbe on medium heat so that have a nice golden colour.

The dough is to be spooned into the tulumbe mould maker - see picture below.

Once they are fried, you need to soak them or pour over the same sugar syrup as for Baklava. See recipe below.

500g sugar
650ml water
2 sachets of Vanilla sugar
1 lemon

In a medium sized saucepan bring water and sugar to boil - add slices of lemon and leave to simmer until the lemon is glazed. Take off heat and leave to cool.

This dessert can get addictive!


  1. Hi I was wondering from where can you get hold of Tulumbe mold makers? I've been wanting 1 for ages and yours looks similar to an icing syringe?!

  2. Hi - you can buy the mould at Fairfield or Flemington markets in Sydney. The nozzle is a lot wider than on an icing syringe. Alternatively you can try a piping bag with a large nozzle, that would also do the trick. Hope this helps. Sanya

    1. Hi where abouts in Fairfield or Felmignton markets can I buy the Tulumbe mold. I have been looking for one for a long time.

  3. anyone know where in Melbourne to get the tulumbe mould from?

  4. why not try Preston or Dandenong Markets, they are quite culturally diverse and stock a large variety of cooking utensils from most ethnic groups:-)hope this helps!!!

  5. were can I buy that in Sydney?

  6. I would try Serbian/Macedonian Deli's, there are many around the Liverpool and Rockdale area. Otherwise Flemington markets may have them. Probably the easiest option is to search for the mould on ebay or online. Hope that helps.

  7. Hi, is anyone still looking for a tulumbe mold in Melbourne / Australia?