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Saturday, April 16, 2011


Traditional street food in the Balkans.

For the meat patties:

500g beef mince
2 eggs whisked
100g breadcrumbs
Pepper and Salt
Chopped shallots
Chilli powder if you like them to be a bit chilli

To serve:

Pita bread or focaccia bread
Sour cream and Greek style yogurt combines
Shallots (finely chopped)


In a large bowl add mince and all ingredients and mix well. Make circles out of meat and form into large meat patties about 10cm in diameter. Barbecue the meat patties so they get the beautiful charcoal flavour. At the end also place the focaccia’s cut in half or the pita bread on the barbecue so they can soak up all the juices from the meat patties.

Place the meat patties inside the bread and fold the bread in half. Put a dollop of the sour cream/yogurt mixture on top and sprinkle over with finely chopped shallots.


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